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Being Grateful

Posted on Nov 24, 2016 by in Positively Speaking | 1 comment


Being Grateful

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to call forth a tidal wave of gratitude.  The personal benefits of gratitude immersion include:  a sustained positive state of mind, a deep appreciation for all of our life circumstances, and a stronger foundation on which to build one’s next step in life.

Those who know me well, know that I am a personal growth junkie.  And that one of my very favorite phrases is “I love forward progress!”

This has been a challenging year on a personal level.  However, I don’t recall ever in my life feeling so completely and profoundly grateful – grateful for my life, for the choices I’ve made to get me to this place, and to the upcoming choices that will propel me to the next phase of my journey.

I’m grateful that fate has positioned me completely across the country from my family at holiday time – not because I want to be away from them, but because I have been blessed with the love and friendship of so very many new friends that I’ve made here.  Had I not been courageous enough to make the decisions I made two and a half years ago, I would have missed out on the beauty and generosity of my new friends and coworkers.  I am truly amazed by the genuine care, concern, and companionship of several groups of friends that I initially felt so different from, but who I now feel a profound appreciation for and commonality with.

I think that when you look for differences, you will surely find them.  And when you look for goodness, so will you find it.

And yet even more to be grateful for – a fresh, unadulterated perspective, a bright new beginning, full of yet more friends, love, gratitude, and goodness.

My wish for everyone this beautiful Thanksgiving is simple:  Give thanks – for the giving that’s made its way to you and for the gifts you’ve been blessed to give.


1 Comment

  1. Yes. Giving thanks fills your personal gas tank.