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Green Tea’s Amazing Benefits

Posted on Jan 12, 2015 by in Food as Medicine |

There are some supplements that I make sure I take on a very regular basis, and green tea is one of them! Some of my supplements appeal to me on some days, and other days, not so much. What I’ve learned about green tea is that it has the ability to clear nasty toxins from the body, as well as to help with weight loss (and the two are most certainly related). Our bodies store toxins in our fat in an attempt to protect our vital organs from the harmful effects of toxins. When we begin to lose weight, the toxins don’t automatically leave our body with the excess fat. That’s why being proactive in the detoxification process is really beneficial for our health! There are many ways to detox, but green tea is one of my favorites.
Green tea also is full of antioxidants (polyphenols) that help protect us against cancer and heart disease, as well as premature aging. And it goes on record as promoting a healthy digestive tract (making it more favorable to the friendly bacteria). It does also contain caffeine, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine you may notice feeling jittery or irritable, or simply not be able to tolerate it.
I don’t really care for the taste of green tea, but being determined to add this superstar to my daily regimen, I buy it in capsule form.
Here’s what I love about green tea:
• It’s inexpensive
• It’s easy to get (either in it’s liquid form or capsules)
• It gently detoxifies the body
• It helps keep weight down
If you’ve taken it too, feel free to share your results and opinions with us!