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Happy New Year 2021!

Posted on Jan 12, 2021 by in Positively Speaking, Uncategorized | 5 comments

While it’s exciting to embark on a new year with new opportunities and new possibilities, we are still trudging through the muck, so to speak. I have great intent to build all of my businesses this year. And I know that is doable. But when I look around at what is happening in the world and in my country right now, it saddens my heart and causes a dip in my spirit.

I’ve made a concerted effort to stay out of political conversations this past year, although some of my right leaning friends continue to push or flash their opinions in my direction. I’ve gently stopped them when necessary. At this point in time, I consider myself neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but rather I am a humanitarian. And as such, I believe that all people are valuable. I don’t care who the person is that is creating the division, the racism, the violence – I refuse to participate in it. And I will not silently accept it as a way of life or way of thinking.

Perhaps my well of compassion comes from my own experiences of being devalued and violated as a woman. Perpetrators prey on the vulnerable. Bullies seek to overpower the weak. And often easily do. But that doesn’t make their actions acceptable. The damage done to the psyche of innocent people who are attacked, oppressed, and otherwise terrorized runs deep. Healing is possible, and likely will take substantial effort. My own scars remain, but I’m now strong enough to not only hold my own head high but to also take the hands of those who need it and show them the way.

My passion is teaching women and children to see their value and their worth, however, I help men as well. We all have significant contributions to make to this world we live in. The size of each contribution is not relevant. But courage and self-confidence are vital in order for people to be willing to heal. Without those two things, stories are not told, oppression and abuse continue, and untapped possibilities lie undiscovered.

I read a good book on leadership last year that talked about identifying core values for your business. Core values are important, and I had not thought to discover mine in regard to my companies before. With careful consideration and contemplation, I recognized mine. They are:

  • All people are valuable.
  • Respect each other and yourself.
  • Own it! (Personal accountability is a must.)
  • God always makes a way where there is no way.
  • If you can do better, do better!
  • Everyone deserves to experience success in life.

I remember when I first dove into personal development. Being vulnerable scared me so much that it caused physical reactions. Looking back now, I realize the feeling of being vulnerable put me back to the time I was abused as a small child. I felt terror, feared for my life, felt small and helpless, had restricted breathing, and feared eminent danger.

While I’m not a mental health practitioner, I am a survivor. I figured out how to plow through the obstacles and have created resources and processes to facilitate emergence from what is holding you back.

If my mindset and guiding values resonate with you, I am here for you. To be your friend, your mentor, and your guide. I know how scary change can be, and that’s why I teach it in small, manageable steps. None of us needs more overwhelm or stress in our lives. I believe we need more understanding, more grace, more compassion, and more alignment with what is good in our world. And my promise to you is that is what you will get with my companies!

Here’s to a profitable and prolific 2021!


  1. Love your outlook on life, Kimber! You inspire me and others to do more and be more. Thank you for focusing on what matters in life. The core values you shared are close to my heart too. Thank you for what you do for others!

    • Thank you, Brandi! I know we are very similar in our core values – birds of a feather! 🙂

  2. my heart goes out to you at this time…lets hope January 20th is the beginning of calm in your part of the world.

    • I hope so, Jo. Thank you!

  3. Love this and I agree with you Kimberly… I sure pray our country and people will heal