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Healthy Skin Is In!

Posted on Dec 30, 2014 by in Natural Healing | 0 comments

I believe we would all say that we want healthy skin. We want our skin to look good. Good heavens, we spend a fortune on skin care products! But, there is so much more to having healthy skin that I want to touch on.
Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It seems to me like too often we take our skin for granted. We ignore it, or we use topical products that contain a dangerous mix of chemicals that do more damage than good. Our skin isn’t a fixed, static layer of cells and tissue. Our skin is constantly sloughing off the old cells and creating new ones. And our skin is somewhat permeable, so it’s prudent to be cautious about what you apply to the outside of your skin.
This time of year, our skin can become dry and cracked due to dry, cold weather. It’s important to keep your skin soft, supple, and moisturized. By doing so, you increase the strength of the barrier your skin provides. You wouldn’t intentionally create a hazardous environment for your health, but by ignoring your skin’s integrity, you could be doing just that! Any break in your skin, whether it’s from a cut, a bug bite, or dried, cracking skin, allows yucky things on the outside easier access to your insides.
Make sure to read labels before you slather on cleansers, lotions, or antiseptics. I find it much easier to find acceptable products when I shop at a natural food store or a health food store. And these places usually will have well-educated staff to advise you with your choices, if you need help. Try to avoid petroleum containing products (common in chapstick, soaps, lotions, shampoos), parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, and any unrecognizable chemical sounding names. Why junk up your body with harmful industrial chemicals when nature supplies an amazing bounty of her own healing and beneficial ingredients? Chemicals are overused and way too plentiful, both in our food and in body products.
Make sure also to steer clear of triclosan, found in hand sanitizers, soaps, and other cleaning products. It’s a dangerous chemical and needs to be avoided. If you find yourself exposed to high levels of contaminants or potential bacteria and viruses, (like if you work in a health care field or are traveling or otherwise in large crowds), make sure you cover up any breaks in the skin, either with clothing or band-aids. I like to use calendula gel or neosporin to aid in faster healing.
It pays for us to be proactive in our skin’s health (men and women!). Take whatever steps you need to to fortify your skin’s integrity so that your overall health is given a better chance at vitality! It will not only look and feel fantastic, but will also be able to perform it’s job superiorly.  Healthy skin is definitely in!!

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