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National Girlfriends Day 2020

Posted on Jul 9, 2020 by in Relationships |

Woohoo! It’s a great day to celebrate our girlfriends and how much they mean to us. There is something very special about our bonds with our girlfriends. They get us. We can talk about anything and until all hours of the day and night. We get to cheer her on when she does amazing things, to proudly see her blossom into the woman she was meant to be.  

As I’m thinking about some of my special girlfriends over the years, I am so lucky to have such intelligent, compassionate, funny, fun-loving, and contemplative gf’s. I was kayaking with one of them over the 4th of July weekend. We parked my car on a grassy roadside that had a little tilt downward to it, before heading to the boat launch.  One minute we were standing on opposite sides of the car talking about sunscreen and the next minute she disappeared with a little yelp. Fortunately, we could laugh about it because she was okay, but she lost her footing and fell backwards on the slope.  I quickly made my way around the car to see if she was ok and all I could see was booty and legs in the air! I asked her if she was okay and she said yes.  I gave her a hand up and we giggled at the antics. Life is funnier with girlfriends. 

One of my dearest and a long-term gf and I roomed together in our first year of college, many moons ago. Wowzers, we routinely share stories we remember and end up howling at our long history of shenanigans. She’s famous for sending me photos from our sorority days. The hair, those clothes – what were we thinking? And even though we live in different cities now, we still devise new schemes on a regular basis that we enjoy together. Life is more fun with girlfriends. 

With another one of my gf’s, we share a love of animals and natural health. We get to visit once or twice a year. On one of our more recent visits, she shared the story of how she had to put her treasured little dog to sleep and the trials they went through leading up to that terrible day. We were both crying and hugging, and our bond got deeper and stronger that day. Being vulnerable isn’t always the easiest emotion to feel, but boy can it take your relationships to a different level. The connection with our girlfriends and the support we provide to each other is huge.  Life is more meaningful with girlfriends. 

So, make time to reach out to those women today who are important in your life!  Schedule a virtual happy hour or brunch to celebrate how much you mean to each other.  And keep being there for your girlfriends.  

To all of mine, Cheers and I love you!  Life is much better with you in it!  

National Girlfriends Day is 8/1/20.