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Plastic, Metal, Glass… Does it really matter what my water bottle is made of?

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 by in Importance of Water, Tips from The Natural Girl | 1 comment

The other day, my tennis friends and I were taking a water break between games. It was interesting. Looking around the group, three of us had water bottles and one was drinking from a paper cup our club provided. I had a glass bottle, Robin had a plastic bottle, and Tracy had a metal bottle. Hallee was drinking from the paper cup. One of us noticed the different containers, sparking a conversation about which one is the healthiest.
I was in the bottled water business several years ago. I discovered what qualities make water healthy, as well as which type of container is preferable. That was back in 2009. (For our purposes here, we’ll be strictly talking about water bottles, water quality will be another post!) The bottle I packaged my water in was a biodegradable plastic, that is BPA-free. I thought the biodegradable aspect was so cool, as I’m an avid environmentalist. And the plastic was assured to be BPA-free. That should be ok, right? Not exactly. What I’ve discovered since that time is that plastic manufacturers have responded to the public concerns over the toxic, hormone-disrupting BPA by creating a different plastic called BPS. But, guess what? It’s got the same properties of leaching toxins and disrupting our delicate balance of hormones (in both men and women, by the way). Additionally, plastics have been linked to premature sexual development in girls, as well as causing insulin resistance and weight gain in all of us.
I love this excerpt from one of my favorite groups I follow, Mind Movies: “Being holistic is not just about eating organic food and practicing yoga. It’s a lifestyle where you actively look to remove anything that’s toxic from your life.” Of course, we gather all sorts of toxins daily, whether it’s environmental, nutritional, emotional, mental, or spiritual. The point is, it’s a proven fact that our overuse of plastics is detrimental to our health and our environment. I hate to use any plastic containers anymore. I don’t know about you, but it’s just not worth it to me to expose myself to fat-causing and ill health-promoting toxins!
I used to reuse my plastic water bottles for a while, but that’s just not a good idea either. Bacteria can collect on a reused plastic bottle, and isn’t able to be washed off. So, plastic water bottles = toxins in our bodies, hormone disrupters, and potential bacterial exposure, if reused. And if you leave your plastic bottle in a hot car, that makes the chemical leaching issue even more severe.
What about metal water bottles? Aluminum can also leach BPA. Stainless steel is probably a better choice, if it’s not made in China.
The general consensus of the experts I follow point to glass as the safest choice for you and your family’s water bottles. It doesn’t leach any chemicals and it can be effectively washed with hot water and soap.
I usually buy Voss bottled water and clean it and refill it with my home ionized and filtered water. I also recently discovered, from a friend of a friend, a new ergonomic glass bottle at
The things that are important: we all need to drink at least ½ of our body weight in ounces of water each day, and we need to choose the healthiest and least toxic container for that water – glass. Cheers to a healthy, hydrated, less toxic body!!


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  1. Interesting about BPS and Chinese Stainless.
    Water rocks!