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Purify Your Skin With Clay

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 by in Tips from The Natural Girl | 1 comment

Last night I decided to pamper my skin a little bit. My husband and I had been out of town for the weekend, and I wasn’t as thorough with my skin care routine as I am when I’m at home. So, I felt the need to do a little something extra. I had a clay mask in my bathroom that I haven’t used in a while. After taking a nice hot shower, I applied the mask to my face. I left it on until it dried, about 20 minutes. I washed the mask off with warm water, and wow! I am continually amazed at the results of clay. My skin felt fresh and clean. It looked so much better too. It was smooth and glowing. I can still see the benefits today.

The use of clay goes back, way back. Probably back to the women of ancient Egypt as they bathed along the river banks of the Nile. Clay has tremendous cleansing and detoxifying properties. It actually acts almost like a magnet pulling toxins out of the skin. It contains large amounts of silica, and it’s a balancer and a revitalizer. Once clay is applied to the skin, oxidation and circulation are enhanced. No wonder my skin was glowing after using the mask!

I am a big fan of detoxification, in all shapes and forms. I started using clay a few years ago. It’s an inexpensive way to pull toxins out of the skin. I buy a big jar at the health food store and throw it in my bath every once in a while. It’s best to get the water as hot as you can stand it, and stay in long enough for your pores to open up. Again, the clay gently pulls out the crud.
This morning I was marveling at the results of the clay and thinking it would be great to add some essential oils to it the next time. I love aromatherapy. I perused some of my aromatherapy books and decided on adding lavender the next time I use clay. I would love any other suggestions if anyone wants to add some! If you’ve never tried clay before, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the effects. And if you have used it before but not in a while, don’t forget how fantastic it makes your skin feel and look!!

1 Comment

  1. I agree whole heartedly! Love love love clay masks and clay baths! They make the world of a difference! Great post!!!!! 🙂