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Reflections on Meditation

Posted on Jul 7, 2020 by in Natural Healing |

Have you ever wondered how to meditate properly, or is meditation good, or is meditation spiritual, or is meditation hard?  I will share what I have discovered about meditation in the past year. I’m not a doctor or a zen guru, just a girl who has a new appreciation for meditation! 

Yes, meditation is good for you!  Regular meditation has been shown to help people cope with negative emotions, to increase self-awareness, and even to physically rewire your brain so that you think and feel more positively.  That is very cool!  And it’s especially helpful right now with all of the injustice, chaos, and fear spreading around our world. Meditating has had a profound effect on my own mental calmness and mental strength. 

There are different forms of meditation, but I wouldn’t say there is one proper way to meditate.  The purpose of meditation is to get in a relaxed state and calm your thoughts down.  Some people practice silent meditation.  That’s harder for me to do because my brain has trouble slowing down.  Some people chant when they meditate.  Again, not my style.  I prefer guided meditations that take me on a peaceful journey of visualization in nature.  You get the calming and soothing benefits, which is great for mental and physical health, and you get to use your brain and think a little bit.  To me, it’s training your mind to focus on peaceful thoughts and is especially helpful if you feel stressed or worried about anything. 

Meditation can be considered spiritual.  Hindu and Buddhist monks meditate daily.  But you don’t have to bring a spiritual aspect to meditation.  What is called spiritual meditation involves feeling a connection to something greater than the self, but isn’t restricted to any particular faith or religion.  When I meditate to  nature guided meditations, I do feel the presence of God.  That’s why I love being out in nature so much.  When you are able to admire the stunning work of our  great Creator, there is a profound sense of calm and peace that arrives. 

Meditation isn’t hard!  I think the key to enjoying your meditation practice and getting a lot of benefit from it is to choose the style of meditation that suits you best.  And to figure that out, you may have to try several options before you decide which is your favorite!  And the good news is, there are a lot of choices out there! 

Peace and Hugs, 


Try a nature guided meditation here!