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Stand in Your Truth

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 by in Positively Speaking |

Don’t be afraid to stand firm in your truth! Consider it a privilege. God endowed you with specific passions and purpose. He created you as a unique individual. The word individual itself sums it up. A distinct, single thing, according to my dictionary.
Don’t let anyone sway you from what you know to be true. That’s between you and God. People will pop out of the woodwork to challenge your truth. Those people could be: your boss, your community, your parent, your spouse, your children, your friend or coworkers, your religion. There will be times when your choices are not popular, when they don’t attract the approval of others. It may not always look pretty or sound graceful. It’s just God’s way of shoring up your strength and your commitment to your passions, your causes.
I just read a Louise Hay book that I love called You Can Heal Your Life. In it, she advises accepting and approving of oneself while looking right into the mirror. She makes a very valid point. As long as you are true to yourself, and you honor your personal truths, you will be able to look in the mirror and admire the person you see.
What it doesn’t look like is what someone else tells you to be, say, or do. Unique. Only you. It can feel like you’re standing on a narrow ledge, looking down 25 stories. In other words, until you get the hang of it, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright scary!
My point is, don’t let anyone else define you and what you stand for. Don’t allow others to coax you off of your path. It takes strength, determination, and a willingness to not always possess the popular opinion and/or protocol. But I know from my own experiences, that standing in your truth is the only way to be in position to successfully fulfill your Divine destiny.  Be bold and be you!