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Stop the Madness! My Christmas cookie predicament!

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 by in Tips from The Natural Girl | 3 comments

Stop the madness! Well, obviously my husband and I have been watching too much Shark Tank! “Stop the madness” is a favorite catchphrase of Shark Kevin O’Leary. And it is the first thing that popped into my head today as I was trying to figure out what has changed in my diet that is causing me a slight sinusy feeling.
Many years ago, I didn’t think anything at all about consuming as much sugary food as I wanted. However, in the last decade and a half, I prefer to listen to my body as it is making subtle changes rather than wait until I am in the throes of a miserable sinus infection requiring steroids and antibiotics to clear it up.
Hence, this morning, I realized that I had a bit of a drippy drainy nose and that is not normal for me. You probably know the feeling: a slight mucous buildup, a tiny little scratch in my throat, and a very obscure and miniscule pain in my head. Hmmm…..what has changed for me lately?
It’s all of those Christmas cookies! (That was my first thought.) My daughter and I made our annual gingerbread cookies a couple of days ago. They are delicious and smell so fantastic cooking! Oh, and there are the cocoa cookie brittle cookies that she picked out at the natural food store last week. Those also: yummy! And let’s not forget the cookies my sweet (sorry for the pun) hubby brought home – caramel cookie waffles – equally delicious!  As you know, sugar promotes inflammation.
My second thought was all of the dairy I have been partaking of. There were the “Campfire Mochas” from our favorite coffee shop, and the cream of asparagus soup I made a few days ago. And, we are just cheese lovers in my house. Our cheese drawer is perpetually well-stocked. Okay, yes, dairy. Dairy creates mucous in the body. I have heard this from several natural health experts.
And last, but not least, with my daughter in town for a visit, we had been staying up late every night. We had to squeeze in as many activities as we possibly could! Which is fine for the short term, but I’m glad I realized that I do need to catch up on my rest. I also took a fall on the ice a couple of weeks ago, and my body is still recuperating from that stress as well.  It’s imperative that we give our bodies the time and the rest to rejuvenate and to repair.
So, today, no cookies, no cheese or lattes, and ample sleep for this girl! I believe everyone’s body responds differently to different foods and stimuli, but I am a big fan of “Listen to your body!” It is so much better to dodge illness and give your body what it needs to function optimally than to plow ahead with poor food and lifestyle choices and find yourself rejoicing this Christmas season in a doctor’s office, medicated, and/or in bed feeling rotten!
Wishing a very merry and healthful holiday to all!


  1. You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head. You’re definitely singing my song, Thanks! You’re such a smart “cookie”!

    • Teenie, it’s so easy to get caught up in the fun of the holidays….before you know it, you are in a sugar stupor! Not usually conducive to feeling great, though!

  2. Excellent. I try to use local honey when I need the sweet fix. I also try to eat a small amount of dark chocolate, 72%, to quench my need for sweet. The strong aftertaste really does it for me.