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The Gift of Journaling

Posted on Jun 18, 2017 by in Tips from The Natural Girl | 2 comments

When the topic of journaling comes up, some people giggle and say they remember keeping a diary as a young child or as a teenager.  I remember those diaries usually had a lock on the outside of them.  Having to or wanting to lock the diary is symbolic to me of guarding one’s secret thoughts.  I think that still carries over into today’s world.

When I first began journaling daily, some 16 years ago, I was petrified to think that someone, anyone would find my journals and read every entry, judging me for what I had written.  I got over that after a few years.  And after realizing how freeing it was to not only write my thoughts down, but to not care if anyone did indeed pick up my journal and read it feels fantastic!

Journaling is about deepening your relationship with yourself.  It’s about not being afraid to look deep within yourself.  It’s about being able to evaluate what is working with your thoughts, words, and actions and what is not working.  Change in life is inevitable, but isn’t it more appealing to embrace and direct change for yourself rather than to live your life drifting about, too open and receptive to the opinions and values of others?  Your self-worth does not come from other people’s opinions of you.  It comes from deep within, and sometimes it requires patience and determination to unearth that self-worth that is your birthright.

God made you unique and special, and with your own purpose in this world.  Time spent unearthing your gifts and talents, and then utilizing them to do good things for yourself and for others is living life according to your Highest Divine ideals.

We create successes in our lives by creating success patterns.  As I take time to sit down and journal my thoughts for 15 to 20 minutes a day, I become very present, and I look inside to see what is working and what feels like it needs to be tossed out!  Any thoughts or feelings of worry, fear, or self-doubt should certainly be disposed of.  Write them down, let them go, and then rewrite a new thought that supports a positive new approach and attitude.

Make a list of attributes that you have that you admire.  And make a list of some successes you’ve attained in your life.  If you’ve done it before (and I know you have!), then you can do it again.  But this time, let’s do it bigger and better!  So, the new thoughts and then subsequent actions, are designed to expand upon who you are and who you are becoming.  Now it’s time to make that expanded list.  What other wonderful attributes would I like to cultivate in myself?  Start with a few, no need to get overwhelmed with this exercise.  Growth and positive momentum are meant to be FUN!  Then write down your next few planned successes.   Writing them down gives them substance and structure.  Think about some possible avenues you can take to achieve your goals.  You don’t have to know exactly how you will get there, just write enough options to make sure you know that these goals are possible, and that you know you can do it!  Your journal is meant to be a tool for you to enjoy, and a testimony to the dedicated path you have embarked on.

Today, let’s blaze a new trail!  Let’s do something bold and different and exciting!  What does that look like for you?  Please feel free to share your comments with me!


  1. What does doing something bold, different and exciting look like to me? Status quo. It’s who I am. My mantra is “go boldly” in all that I do. I love that you are providing others a path to that exciting way of life.
    You are a talented and inspiring writer, Kimberly.

    • Thank you, Danny. I see you “Going Boldly” and admire that in you as well!!